Find your Voice

“While many Toastmasters become excellent Public Speakers, this is not the purpose of the program.
The purpose of Toastmasters is to help all its members help themselves by learning to speak effectively and with confidence at any time and under any circumstances.
Maurice Forley – Toastmasters International Executive Director (1958 – 1967)

Why do people join Toastmasters and how do they benefit?

Participate in Toastmasters’ proven program, where you’ll learn how to speak comfortably in front of a group and lead with purpose. People who join Toastmasters find potential they never thought they had and achieve more of their goals and dreams.

In this short video, members from different countries and backgrounds share how they’ve built the skills to become better communicators and leaders.

What Our Members Say About their Journey

Let’s see what our members have to say about their experience with Beckenham Communicators Toastmasters and the Toastmasters International Program. 

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